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  Amaron Inverter Batteries

Amaron inverters in india was also placed for the first battery that left the factory fully charged. It doesn’t show that only batteries they supplies they also use to supply the Amaron Inverters and Amaron UPS in India. The main features of Amaron products are they have long life time of the batteries. They are the one who authorized the longest warranties for the batteries. We deal with Amaron inverter batteries for well benefit in batteries to our customer.
Amaron batteries were the first and only battery which has 60 month warranty.  It blazed to a new trail when they launched to the Amoran Inverter and Amoran UPS. They offer with a peace of mind with zero maintenance and has been offered the longest warranty for their products. Comparing to other products amaron ups battery are well warranty and well useful for the household.
Secondly in India the main distribution is power and availability of interrupted power supply which is an issue still now. For this seek amaron also introduced well pure sine wave inverter by giving long back up to your house hold purpose. 

Amaron Inverter Batteries

  Amaron Ups Battery

Amaron offers in a wide range of Inverter and Home UPS where you can protect your house holds for the power fluctuation and during power cut.


  • Gives Pure sine wave output
  • It is an DSP technology which enhance life of electrical implements
  • Zero humming of electrical and electronics products
  • Quick charging which enables very fast recharging of battery
  • Protection for batteries by IBSS – Intelli Battery Safeguard

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