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  Genus Inverters India

Genus has introduced most advanced having pure sine wave inverter in India. The main advantage of genus inverters and Home UPS are very easily inexpensive and provide the same quality of power as mains. For this purpose most our customer willing to order this types of inverters. Our first goal is to give satisfaction to our customers. As we deals with various products from different company our customer gets ideal to choose to have well genus inverters in india and home UPS for their wishes.

The Inverter by Genus are-

  • Standard inverter
  • Compact inverter
  • Lift inverter
  • DSP Sine wave solar hybrid inverter
  • High frequency inverter
Genus Inverter Price

  Genus Ups Battery

Now you can run your entire household like TV, Washing Machines, Water Pumps, Oven, Refrigerators etc., without power by using genus inverter and Home UPS. Genus ups battery gives you more long back up for your system where your computer is survived from the power fluctuation. It ensures to you 100% of safety with the genus inverter price and its Genus design will protection from shock or short fluctuation by power. Without any tension genus inverter gives you safety of appliances.
The technology used in this inverter is sine wave and the home UPS ids DSP based Technology that uses auto sense intelligent control (ASIC). This technology gives you more backup time and gives maximum power to your household. The DSP based technology also corrects the power factor while the battery is in charge. The inverter and Home UPS have auto reset function where in case of overload in short circuits. It has the feature of reset automatically and makes six attempts for overload purpose.

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