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  Luminous Inverters India

Luminous inverter Chennai comes with loads of features to fully let all your appliances function during power cuts. Now, our Luminous inverters get charged faster and provide longer battery life. We sell Luminous UPS inverter with different Volt Amperes of different prices. We have almost all types of inverters from pure sine wave to square wave. Luminous inverter prices are nominal and they are available in all price range for all sects of customers. We have some of the best batteries for usage on Luminous inverters including batteries such as Amaron, Exide, Prestolite, etc. You will also get the best after sales service from the manufacturers. Trained service engineers will assist you, if you have any problems or malfunctions. Warranty is available on even batteries, accessories and UPS. Service engineers shall attend to you to pick up defective parts and to service your inverters even after your warranty period with the special post warranty service. Now, you have nothing to worry even after your warranty period, as you can call for service help, if you come across any defects.
Luminous Inverter Battery Prices

 Luminous Ups Batteries

The centralized customer care does take care of your enquiries and mobilize immediate help. All services would be hugely affordable to the customers. You need not worry about shelling out a lot of money to get them serviced. Our Luminous inverter products do not let you feel that you are living amidst power cuts and failures, as it can provide quick back up and have a lot of the devices and appliances functioning for a long period of time.
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