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  Sine Wave Ups Battery

The sine wave inverters are available in India by having different range of models. We deal with various companies where they use full pure sine wave inverters and the UPS. Most of the inverters products are sine wave with DSP technology. The prices differ to the range of cost as per the product. The pure sine wave inverter and home UPS are designed for the prevention of damage and to extend lifelong of your batteries by the regulating charging voltage and the duration. If the charge rate is too high means the batteries can overheat for this reason only the inverters and UPS are in the form of Sine wave designed. It protects your batteries by limiting the charging current so that the regulation may be adjusted the charging current to the finest level.

The sine wave ups battery and home UPS of our brand which monitor the voltage of the AC power passing through the charger and to the AC loads. The inverters automatically transfer from AC to DC power when the AC voltage falls below the preset level. For this seek the Sine wave inverter and Sine wave UPS and Batteries are used.
Sine Wave Ups Battery

Pure Sine Wave Inverter

This types of inverter and home UPS has a circuitry designed which reduces the power of intake of the inverter when the battery is in the trickle charge mode and for the improving battery life the evaporation of battery electrolyte is done. It is the right choice for purchase and gives in a wide range of applications to you.

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